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Grace and peace  to you all friends and those supporting our ministry around the world,


To date, teams of volunteers like yourself under our leadership have been able to lead Leadership training, and evangelism workshops ranging from a few hundreds to a few thousands around the globe. We have conducted open air campaigns reaching for evangelism reaching up to a little over 40 thousand in a single night. It's really been the Lord's own doing. Long term plans are in progress to put in place systems that holistically impact cities and communities across the nations of the world. In such uncertain times, hope and healing for our world are much needed. 


We covet your prayers as we continue to push through new frontiers. Your partnership will be an encouragement and a truly vital component in this undertaking. It is a true good fight of faith to the glory of God.


Let me take the opportunity to sincerely affirm that the impact of the Christ-centered servanthood leadership model across the nations, and Africa in particular can not be overemphasized. It is immeasurable and the potential is exciting. Therefore, partnering with you in ways that are an opportunity for growth for both you and the GIC is what we're looking forward to. GOD BLESS YOU ANF YOUR FAMILY. 


Serving with you in His grace,



Rev. E. Mcnay Nkashama

Global Impact Center

Chairman / World Evangelist

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