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Doing everything we can to transform communities everywhere with the power and love of Jesus-Christ through servanthood and self-empowerment.


Mission Statement

GIC is a worldwide ministry committed to winning souls, raising servant leaders, and transforming generations, one community at a time through our foundational values of excellence, integrity and generosity. To spread God’s word holistically in love and with wisdom.


What makes GIC very unique is its pragmatic and efficacy leadership in carrying out its vision and mission to bring about holistic transformation within the church and communities we serve.


             What we do

  • Evangelism

  • Train and Develop Leaders – raise servant leaders in:

    • Churches

    • Society

    • Market Place

  • Social Empowerment – Sustainable plan to help a community help itself through:

    • Community Development Projects

    • Economic Programs – Micro-finances


    • How we do that

  • Crusades, Revival meetings, seminars and conferences are some of the ways we do evangelism work.

  • We Partner and Collaborate with existing ministries here at home to impact lives both in our backyard and abroad.


  • We organize Structured Leadership Training provided through GIC Training Network.


      For Churches
    • And the Market Place

  • GIC Leadership Academy which helps impact nations through leadership training and capacity building. 

  • We strong in Relationship Building  

  • Sustainable and lasting relationships are key to impacting

    • Churches

    • Market Place

    • Society - In communities we serve, we strive to answer the question: “What works here and how best can we work with you to realize your goals?”

  • Creative Fund Raising is one way we raise support for our missions and objectives. 


  • Why we do it?


  • Because we believe we can! because if  not us, than who?

  • Winning Souls

  • Transformation of Communities

  • Championing Sustainable Empowerment

  • Impacting and equipping the  “New Generation”

    • Creating Change Leaders is crucial to our collective future. 




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