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From the very start when knowing that I was going to join Pastor Mcnay to the mission fields of Congo and Kenya an excitement stirred within my very being. My husband Pastor Eugene Davis said, “Honey, you have to go, it’s so important and we will do everything possible to send you.” So the journey began. All that was needed to travel came in and enable me to go. As God directs, He is able to provide. This mission story is all about the great and might work that God did in the Congo and Kenya. It is also a personal story about the changes that God did in my heart as a missionary.

On July 1, 2015 a team of Christians three from Global Impact Center, and eight from other ministry partners, left Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. We arrived in Kinshasa, DRC the next day. A good night rest and breakfast we got ready to meet the Vise President of the Democratic Republic of Congo at the Parliament Building. After a short meeting there we met with the team from the Congo, Assemblies of God Church and local leaders. Later that evening we had dinner with the former Governor of Kananga and its current congressman and his family at his home.

Off to Kananga, DRC. This is a Town Southeast of Kinshasa. The airplane that we traveled in was interesting and very crowded, but it flew and landed safely at our destination. This was on the 4th of July. A motor pool of more than 30 plus cars and motorcycles came to the airport. Everybody was tooting horns and whistles to announce our arrival. We drove along the streets of Kananga and saw all the posters with our faces on them pasted around town. We felt so welcomed and could see the anticipation and excitement of celebrating the “Festival of Hope.” We were welcomed to the hotel with open arms and food. The Congolese woman welcomes another woman by kissing her on the cheeks three times. They start on the left side then right side and again on the left side. The men bump their heads in the same manner. What a warm way to welcome each other.

The first two days were getting ready for the meetings. The leaders of the lead ministries met with the Governor of the district. We were warmly welcomed and asked his excellence to join the evening crusades if possible. The Governor showed us such favor. He made a few phone calls and secured the stage that is used for Government Officials when giving speeches and State addresses. In addition we were given police security for the meetings and our blessings to conduct the crusades. In Matthew 10: 18 it says, “You will be brought before governors and kings…”

For the next week the team was sent out to participating churches to preach and teach their congregations. Formal leadership workshops on “transformational Leadership,” were conducted during the day with over a 1000 pastors and community leaders attending. The Christian business banquet was held for the leaders, who were encouraged and taught on the importance of business and financial principals in today’s churches and ministries. Then the finale, the open air crusades were conducted for three nights. These crusade meetings were solely for winning souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. The crusades hit the spiritual atmosphere with the powers of the blood of Jesus Christ. The power of the Holy Ghost shattered the forces of evil, which were sent to stop the work of God. However, God won. It was amazing what God did in Kananga. Just like Jesus, He used just 12 disciples, trained them to follow Him, and they literally changed the world. What a privilege to serve God.

Back to Kinshasa and the Shine team returned to the US.

The GIC team stayed in Kinshasa and met with business leaders, partners, and more government officials. More meetings were held in the local churches in Kinshasa with wonderful receptions every where.

Off to Nairobi, Kenya. Two team members from GIC, Pastor James Maina and Dr. Edwin Bongonko left early and Pastor Mcnay and I followed on July 23rd. We arrived in Nairobi the day before President Obama. We enjoyed the excellent homeland security of Kenya. Two days of conferences on “Transitional Leadership” were held with IFC Ministries. Roughly 150 Pastors and Christian Leaders attended the conferences. Three meeting were held during the day time and an evening meeting every evening. Meals were provided for the Pastors and leadership with the help of GIC mission’s fund. Many Pastors came from the rural areas and even as far as Uganda. Travel was difficult for many due to President Obama’s visit, but those who could come came and were blessed. Christian Leaders were so hungry for the information and the written material on leadership.

Next stop Kisii, Kenya. Kisii is a community in the heart of the riche agricultural areas in Kenya. This area is approximately 200 miles (400 kilometers) west of Nairobi. This was my first Safari. The reason for the Safari was to visit the Sameta Boarding and Primary School near Kisii. This was by far the highlight of this mission trip to Africa.

To understand this mission trip I will have to convey the history behind this next mission adventure. Two years ago, Pastor Mcnay visited the Sameta Boarding Primary School. He was heart broken when he saw the area where they cooked the meals for the orphans and students. This became a personal project to Pastor Mcnay. He purposed in his heart to start a fund raising project to help build a decent kitchen and a dining hall. Pastor Mcnay relayed the vision to his church and they began to raise funds. The Children’s Sunday school and women’s department especially pitched into the project. On one occasion they organized a rummage sale. Pastor Mcnay’s son, then 4 year old Eliel, was collecting Pastor’s shirts. Pastor asked his son, “Where are you going with my shirts?” Eliel’s answer was, “Daddy you have so many shirts and you can not wear all of them, so I am going to sell them at the rummage sale so we can build the kitchen and dining hall for the children in Kenya.” Oh that we can become like this child and believe God to provide. The Head Teacher, Ibrahim Ondati works at Sameta School in Kisii. Brother Ibrahim is Pastor Joyce Monari’s husband, one of the Assistant Pastors at Victory Church in St. Paul. Pastor Joyce is my college and fellow student at Spiritual Life Bible College. Brother Ibrahim led the building project at Sameta.

As we drove up the narrow dirt road to the campus we thought it was a small building close to the entrance. Brother Ibrahim said, “No Pastor, it’s the building over there with the red roof. We were totally impressed and stated, “Wow, it’s so big.” We entered the new kitchen and smelt the beans and rice cooking in the large pots. The kitchen was beautiful. Then next to the kitchen we entered the dining area. This dining room was design to be a dining room as well as a multi purpose room with a small stage at one end of the room. This kitchen and dining room is used to feed 300 students and orphans every day. We met the children and took pictures of them. The memory of those precious smiles on their faces will be always in my heart.

To summaries the Summer Missions Trip 2015 I have to say only a few things. Obey God when He says to go into all the nations and preach and teach the Word of God. Bring the Good News of Jesus Christ every where. Some times you will never even say a word, but people are watching your actions. Smile; learn some of the local languages or dialogues. Hello and Thank You are words that go a long way. Be gracious on the mission field. Don’t complain! Adjust to the cold showers, the unique toilet facilities, (Warning to all women especially: Take plenty of baby wipes, tissues and learn to ‘plier’ like a ballet dancer), exotic food cuisine, and the sounds of communities. You will hear the roosters crowing (my African alarm clock) in the morning and eat him for dinner that evening. Warm bottled water is your friend the only fast food you will get is when you catch the chicken for dinner. It is not a good idea to get too attached to any animals in Africa; they are not pets, but a part of the food chain. Enjoy the music and learn to dance. Praise your God for He is worthy to be praised. Be prepared to minister at all times and above all enjoy your stay with your new found family members.


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